Tag & Touch Rugby classes for children

Tag & Touch Rugby for children 3 - 14 years of all abilities


A few things your child will learn

Tag & Touch Rugby are fun ways of playing rugby, enabling children to play in teams in a safe and structured environment. Rugby confers multiple benefits in addition to the technical skills acquired.

Technical Skills

Ball handling, evasion movements, passing, catching, footwork, spatial awareness, teamwork and match play are covered in our sessions.

Transferable Skills

Playing rugby promotes body coordination, improves stamina and instils discipline. Children learn to communicate and tactically work as a team, and have great fun and exercise in doing so! This allows us to build a all-rounder Rugbyer.


Tag & Touch Rugby Options

Termly classes

Termly classes are run once a week throughout each term. You are sure to find a rugby class and a location near you whenever you want to book for an after school session or to have some fun at the weekends.

Tag rugby is taught within the following age groups: 3-4 years, 5-7 years, and touch rugby is taught to older children in the 8-11 years group.

Rugby Camps

Our holiday camps are fun and flexible and run during every school holiday. Book for as many sessions as you like, from hourly sessions, half-days to full days, or why not the entire week to give children the perfect opportunity to enjoy activities every day.

We teach children from 3-14 years old at our sports holiday camps, with touch rugby taught to the additional 12-14 age group.


Skills based classes focused on developing specific skill, strategies or techniques. We aim for your child to leave one of our masterclasses having mastered something new that they can then put into practice.


Tailored Services

Our rugby courses are for all children from toddlers to advanced players. We offer a variety of classes 7 days a week, all year round, which we run at local venues convenient to you.

Private Groups

Private groups offer a great way for your child and their friends to get together on a regular basis. They are also perfect as additional, organised practice sessions.

One-on-One Classes

Ideal for children who respond well to one-on-one learning, these tag rugby classes can be arranged at any time to suit you. They are especially popular with our advanced players who want extra coaching outside of their regular training sessions.

Additional Support

We can provide additional coaching assistance to children to support their needs in our regular training sessions upon request.


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