Exciting range of sports for children 5 - 14 years during every school holiday.


Our Multi-Sports Camps

Our Multi-Sports camps offer a great way for children to come together, make new friends and work in teams, and to try out a range of exciting sports usually over a course of a week.

Multi-Sports Dodgeball


Multi-Sports Dodgeball Run

What Your Child Will Learn

Book for as many sessions as you like, from half-days to full days, or why not the entire week to give children the perfect opportunity to enjoy activities every day. Sports offered on these camps can include cricket, dodgeball, handball, athletics, rugby, rounders, football, and many more.


Benefits For All


Interaction, communication, teamwork and unity all foster children’s personal development. Team sports teach problem-solving and encourage leadership skills, boosting self-esteem and confidence.


Physical exercise reduces stress and encourages productive way of spending time. Sports encourage children to be fit, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sports teach children to react and respond quickly to a range of exciting and unpredictable situations, sharpening their co-ordination skills.


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