Find A Holiday Camp

Our holiday camps are fun and flexible, and run during every school holiday at a range of venues convenient to you.

Sports camps are a great way for children to explore and enjoy different sports, keeping your child busy, healthy and active. With so much energy, it is so much better to be out of the house enjoying new sports and activities, learning new skills and making new friends!

Join us on our presentation day on Friday where everyone receives a medal for their participation and a trophy is awarded to a child who has made great progress during the week.

Convenience For Everyone

Book for as many sessions as you like, from hourly sessions, half-days to full days, or why not the entire week to give children the perfect opportunity to enjoy activities every day.

We also offer early drop-offs and late pick-ups to assist with busy family schedules and work life.

Some of our classes offer supervised lunch options so they can bring and have their lunch with their friends whilst being supervised.

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