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Football Classes

Football is a great way to bring children together, so they can learn to work in teams to achieve goals and have fun. Our fun and interactive sessions are suitable for all abilities, but if they would like to develop their football skills to a competitive level, Foxes FC is the place to be. Football builds children in multiple ways aside from the technical skills acquired.


Rugby Classes

Tag & Touch Rugby offer a great introduction to the world of rugby, enabling children to play in teams in a safe and structured environment. Tag & Touch Rugby confer multiple benefits in addition to the technical skills acquired, such as improved stamina and body coordination.


Tennis Classes

Tennis is a great way for children to come together, explore the sport, and achieve goals. Our fun and explorative tennis courses for all abilities.


Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics helps children to build a range of coordination and motor skills including balance, agility and good posture. It aids children in developing muscle strength and endurance.

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