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The thing I like about Little Foxes is the fact it’s so professional. There’s theory behind the exercises, it’s not just some guy with a football, making it up as he goes along. All the coaches are pros, all CRB checked, which is a massive weight off my mind, as you know you are leaving your kids with reputable people. It’s easy to book, they run some great holiday courses and you know that you are getting a quality service.

Tarquin Jones – Brook Green Club


My children are currently taking football and tennis lessons with Little Foxes, and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the coaches.

Coaches Shaun and Reiss are brilliant at engaging the little toddlers and keeping them both focused and engaged. They just seem to know what makes the kids tick, and my son really enjoys the football lessons.

Tennis coach James is also absolutely brilliant: he is both very energetic and patient. My daughter has learned a lot and is always thrilled to go to the lessons. Please pass on my thanks to these 3 coaches for their great work.

Frederique Hemon-Laurens – Chiswick Club


"I can't recommend Little Foxes strongly enough, they really are the best. The coaches are amazing; not only very talented at sports but also brilliant with children. 


Matthew (aged eight) has been going since last autumn and loves it so much he does tennis, holiday camps, football at the weekend and still wants to have a Little Foxes Birthday Party when he turns nine! (Their kids' parties are superb, by the way)." 

Toby Poynder – Kensington Club


Words can’t express the difference I have seen in my 5 year old son since he started at Little Foxes. He’s become much more confident, made friends, and generally seems happier and more motivated in other areas of his life. Before we’d have to bargain to get any kind of good behaviour out of him and he had trouble concentrating, but these days he’s much more co-operative, and seems to be a much happier kid!

Lucy Barr – Battersea Club



The coaches at Little Foxes are just brilliant. They all seem to have a natural rapport with kids, making each session fun yet getting the best out of each child. My daughter was intimidated in the past playing in sports sessions with boys as they can be a bit boisterous, but the coaches at Little Foxes manage the mixed groups really well. My daughter has really grown in confidence and can hold her own these days, which is great.

Simon Pulman – Fulham Club



I was a little concerned that my 9 year old would end up stuck in front of a screen every weekend playing computer games, as that’s what his friends seemed to be into. I enrolled him in Little Foxes to get some balance in his life, and he’s really enjoying it. He still plays games but he’s much fitter and more active than before.

Linda Mead – Kensington Club



I had been looking for a Saturday morning activity for my kids for a while as I have to work, and didn’t feel that leaving them with friends or family every week was an option. Another parent at my kids’ school suggested Little Foxes, and we haven’t looked back since. The kids can’t wait to go every Saturday morning, which means we are up and out of the house in good time, and I can go to work with peace of mind, knowing they are in safe hands.

Jojo Cowan – Kensington Club



My son and daughter used to do different activities at the weekend, so I used to spend Saturday morning like some kind of taxi driver, picking one child up, dropping another one off, and fighting the traffic. It wasn’t that relaxing I can tell you! Then we discovered Little Foxes, and life got so much better! At last, something they both enjoy, and something sociable for me too – I stop and chat with the other parents during sessions. Plus, we can walk to the playing fields, which is so convenient.

Tony Finn – Knightsbridge Club



I never thought my daughter would be as into football as she is. She is football crazy! She can’t wait to go every week and she’s a little champion! She’s made lots of friends, and her fitness levels have improved. Girls tend not to play as many sports as boys as they grow up, which is something we didn’t want to happen. Playing sports in mixed groups actually has spurred her on to challenge herself against the boys.

Mohammed Addala – Knightsbridge Club




After school hobbies and weekend clubs can cost you a fortune, especially when you factor in the time you spend driving and cost of petrol. That’s why I am so pleased we found Little Foxes. There are groups all over the London, so it’s really easy to find a group near you. Our branch is bang on our doorstep and has proven really cost effective, as we don’t have to drive miles anymore.

Nicole Bilby – Fulham Club




I have always played football and used to have a kickaround with my boys at the weekend, but it’s not the same as enrolling them in proper coaching, and that’s what you get at Little Foxes. They get first class coaching, get to meet lots of other kids, play in a team and even compete in a league. We still have a kickaround at the weekend but these days the boys are getting better than me…

Michelle Goodspeed – Knightsbridge Club




How else can I describe Little Foxes other than fantastic? Top coaches, great activities, easy to book, conveniently located. For a weekday after school footie club for my kids I couldn’t be happier. My oldest lad’s showing real promise and the little one’s loving it too. It’s such a positive environment for kids, and healthy to boot!

Mario Bonafini – Knightsbridge Club



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